Decoding the Meaning of a Perfect Christmas Meal

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The semiotics series on RWC continues in a seasonal slant this week. Susan Bell and Lynne Freeman explore how brands communicate Christmas to 21st Century women.

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Millenials in Market Research – a young researcher’s view

Dec 17, 2014 No Comments

Katie Aylward  As a fresh graduate, having only been in market research just over a year and still relatively new to the industry, I was quite baffled, to say the least, when ESOMAR got in contact with me asking for an interview, to hear my opinions on the industry as a young researcher, which would […]

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The Future Has Arrived – 5 New Realities for Researchers

Dec 16, 2014 No Comments

Technology has opened up a vast array of opportunities for market research. With new tech companies launching online survey tools and brands conducting ‘DIY’ research, there’s a danger that traditional market research could be left behind. David Day, President of Lightspeed GMI, discusses the new realities of market researchers.

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Brand Sense or Sensitive to Brand?

Dec 11, 2014 No Comments

As we continue the RW Connect Semiotics series Dimitar Trendafilov of Brand in Trend, Bulgaria, explores the human senses in the context of semiotics and culture and shares what it means for brands at point of sale.

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Making Sense of Emotions

Dec 09, 2014 No Comments

Creating a brand experience engaging experience now means knowing how to tell a story that uses colours, aromas, sounds and sensations as part of a multifaceted and multi-layered narrative. Here, the team from Added Value share how senses can be used to create a positive experience.

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Betting on your future: Why sweaty palms are important to the research industry.

Dec 04, 2014 No Comments

At this year’s Congress 20|20 Research exhibited their potentially groundbreaking work with the Oculus Rift. Over on RW Connect we were intrigued as to how a company could make the decision to invest so heavily in a technology that has yet to go on general sale. Here Isaac Rogers shares the process 20|20 went through in creating a commitment to virtual reality.

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Fostering Creativity in Groups

Dec 02, 2014 No Comments

KL Communications set out to discover whether there were certain creative strategics best suited to adapting and creating new products and services in the online group market research setting. Here, Lisa Fuchs sets out the hypothesis and shares the case study and key findings from the study.

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