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  1. Chad Nuesmeyer
    Chad Nuesmeyer at |

    This was a great summary. In my experience, there is an undercurrent of players on both vendor and client side that are, as Dag put it – upset with the current modus operandi of the research industry.

    That ‘Angry’ little crowd is starting to gravitate towards IIEX.

  2. Edward Appleton
    Edward Appleton at |

    Chad, I hope you’re right. I detect pockets of people in MR who are all for change, but plenty who seem happy with the status quo. I think if we neglect MR disruption – Clients and Agencies alike – and not react by acting differently, embracing new ways of doing things, we will lose influence to other departments.

  3. Donovan Bell
    Donovan Bell at |

    Couldn’t agree more with you Edward. Change is the only way we can move forward in anything. So without that flexibility then departments can never evolve for the greater. MR disruption is something that cannot be ignored.


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