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  1. Ray Poynter
    Ray Poynter at |

    My thinking often involves where do I want to speak. I am lucky enough to attend about 20 events a year, so I am trying hear different things, meet different people, and try different formats.

    We are all different, and for me one of the key things is how easy is the travel (which includes cost, time, number of changes etc). The appeal of the destination is fairly low on my list as I tend to attend all the sessions and evening events, so I often do not see the location. I prefer places with good conference facilities over places with nice rooms, architecture, or even nice meals.

  2. Edward Appleton
    Edward Appleton at |

    Ray – thanks for chipping in, no doubt you’ve attended more conferences than most. I tend to agree with you on how easy and expensive a place is to travel to, I had to turn one down a few months ago that was logistically challenging. I wonder if others share your opinion on location being less important, and if they would own up to it if they did ;). From what you say, maybe a spartan hotel with good technical set up in eg Blackpool might do the trick? I’d love to do a conjoint exercise on this one with you, tease out your actual vs. claimed utility values….;)

  3. Annie Pettit
    Annie Pettit at |

    I’d love to hear from people who aren’t speakers. As speakers, we often go anywhere simply to have the chance to speak to the right audience, forget the city and venue and think more about reach and opportunity.

    Knowing that most attendees ditch the conference for at least a full afternoon, I suspect that the location matters. Probably second behind the cost that management will agree to bare.


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