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  1. Beata Ivarsson
    Beata Ivarsson at |

    Thanks David, feels like a relevant list of issues you have made. I have made a reflection looking at all the struggle we are facing in this business today. I asked myself a question: why is it so difficult to collect answers from respondents, really? People love giving opinion, sharing their views and experiences, today more than ever (?). May the answer be that we are asking the wrong questions?
    We do work a lot with developing the research tools, ways of reaching or selecting the respondents. But do we spend time and effort enough with developing more modern types of questions… ??? It is easy to understand that respondents gets really board taking a survey, if you try it yourself from time to time…
    I am worried that we will loose a lot of our credibility as professionals, if we do not find new and modern ways of making engaging research designs – focusing om what we do ask about and in what way we ask it.


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