By Stephanie Pineda

1. It’s in Berlin

Berlin is brilliant. It’s so rich in history and culture that it feels like every corner has its own story to tell. I also love how eclectic the city is, from its colourful street art, to its quirky crossing lights, to the glass dome on top of its government building. As if that’s not enough, it’s also the land of pretzels, sausages, beer and…stationery!

2. Great Minds Who Think Differently

The people who attend the Congress are so diverse in terms of their background, experience and views. It compels me to engage more and to learn new approaches and methods.

Also, last year’s Congress was such a great event it felt like I didn’t just collect business cards and LinkedIn contacts, but I actually made friends

3. 60 Second Pitches

Believe me, a lot of thinking, planning, and preparation goes into that one-minute YES Pitch Competition. It’s like getting a glimpse of each researcher’s ideas and passions – so I’m looking forward to watching this year’s roster of brilliant young researchers’ pitches. I’m already intrigued just from reading the titles!

In Technology We Trust

Emily Ozer, System1 Research, USA

Where ‘The Hustle’ is in Kenya

Hillary Ogwayo, Dalberg Research, Kenya & Ray Xavery, Dalberg Research, Kenya

Research in a Voice-first World

Zeynep Kasap, Kantar Millward Brown, UK

Uncovering How Consumers Learn

Kevin Benny, SKIM, USA

What Can We Learn from Tweets and Co. for Open-end Analysis

Selina Pietsch, FactWorks, Germany

4. Sharing My Story

Since winning last year’s YES Pitch Competition, my Instant Messenger idea has evolved further. Because of this, I want to give back and share tips I’ve gathered along the way on how to grow an idea in our industry

5. Inspiring Innovations

Have you seen the programme? There’s so many talks to attend! My brain is geared up to find out more about current trends in our fast-changing industry, and how they’ve been used to gather more insights. I’m definitely ready to be inspired. Let’s talk influencers, implicit tools, voice technology, and AI!

If I haven’t given you enough reasons to get excited, let me show you what happened last year at the ESOMAR 70th Congress in Amsterdam.

By Stephanie Pineda, Kantar UK