A New Organizational Model for Highly Effective Insights Organizations: Part 4

By Dr. Alexander Linder

This week we have looked at three key areas:

  1. The drivers of the new insights organizational model
  2. The new ways of working within the new insights organizational model
  3. The new organization setup within the new insights organizational model

By adapting this new organizational model, companies can expect a range of improvements from the insights function. Here are the most important ones:

  • The quality of insights generated increases, because team members sitting in insights generation can fully concentrate on the generation of insights, not having to deal with additional topics that are re-assigned to insights excellence and best practice resp. insights activation & dissemination
  • The attractiveness of the insights department increases – for existing team members, but also for other employees in the organization. The new and broader skillsets required in the three pillars go beyond pure/narrow research expertise
  • Collaboration and exchange between the three pillars improves, new ideas are generated for the further development and improvement of the intelligence/insights organization

About the Author

Dr. Alexander Linder was the VP Corporate Brand, Consumer and Market Intelligence (CBCMI) at Swarovski, an area he built-up more than 13 years ago and further developed it over time. He was responsible for the global portfolio of insights management, insights training and knowledge sharing & activation. He is a speaker at many international conferences and publishes articles in different national and international journals. Alexander holds a PhD from the University of Zurich and a degree of business administration from the University of St.Gallen. Alexander calls himself an “Intelligence Professional aus Leidenschaft” and is currently looking for his next career step.