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    hi, who wrote this finn or someone else?
    great initiative, keep ‘em coming.

    I didn’t quite agree with Finn’s response to my query on millennials. Across the board and industries, millennials are taking over and especially in the advertising industry and new media they already have created their own baton and moved on with no handover from the previous generation (which created the modern media and technology for the new millennials).

    Focussing on the millennials is fine, but not an over emphasis. We not only suffer rather incomplete, inelegant and un-intelligible ideas but also seem to be re-inventing the wheel. There is a lot of energy lost and instead of the new technology moving us ahead we seem to be taking a few steps backward.

    my favourite moment in the last ESOMAR was when Finn asked the Yahoo specialist why the elections were not accurately forecasted when the speaker claimed that social media data enriched election results.

    It is this perspective that is missing. Blindly catering to a fad of ‘millenials’ for the sake of fanning a fad is only hurting us.

    Disappointing. ESOMAR needs to lead the way – do a better balanaced mix please

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