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  1. John Davis
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    It’s good to hear the voice of reason re-emerge in an industry that is ostensibly about objective reporting of the news. Since wisdom went out of style among the newly minted ‘Data Scientists’ in favor of coding, the importance of experimental design, high-content measurement, representative sampling and targeting of consumer behaviors related to profit (not a click) have been minimized. Universities, governments and commercial enterprise alike bow to ‘where the jobs are’ – as followers of conjecture about the future, not leaders to better problem solving. Amazing, and disappointing, how few craftsmen there are in hiring positions that should also require structured inquiry skills of their hires and suppliers alike.

    Many aspects of business and governmental activity would be well served to make decisions based on evidence that follows strict rules that lend validity, reliability and project-ability. Let’s hope other universities learn to stand up for quality, and skip the faddy stuff.


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