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    Good overview, but I tend not to agree with all of your conclusions. At least in North America, the IVR survey model is alive and well (and growing). It is true that it tends to pick out the extremes in higher than their representative rate, however it gives our clients the ability to measure feedback on a scale they would not otherwise be able to gather. We see response rates of anywhere between 5% on the low end to 20% on the high end, of all attempted surveys (into millions of customers).

    Aside from just research, the big benefit, which you do point out albeit briefly – is that it serves as an early warning system for frustrated and dissatisfied customers. So it might come down to a philosophical question with respect to research, but in terms of tangible results, IVR surveys give our clients actionable data to improve their operations and customer experience.

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    Being you are situated in the UK, I find your perspective interesting and different from ours. In the US, our company is having great success implementing the IVR survey model. We find it works best with large volume surveys, thousands or millions a month, and we’ve seen completion rates as high as 80%. But as in most business projects, it often comes down to $$. For the volume we implement, it just wouldn’t be possible to do live-call surveys with any kind of monetary efficiency.

    Our clients like it because it’s proactive communication that builds brand loyalty. But, as you noted, it has its limitations. Although we capture the voice-of-the-customer and translate/analyze for our customers, we’ve found that IVR surveys still work best for simple quantitative surveys unless the client has someone dedicated to acting on the information gathered in the recordings — and at thousands of recordings a month — that’s a lot of data! Even with our platform’s ability to analyze the data for keywords (“great”, “sucks”, “perfect”, “frustrated”, etc.), the data can still be overwhelming.

    Of course, I think all good research firms should have access to an IVR survey platform at their disposal. Even if their clients don’t use it, it’s another offering to build their credibility as industry experts.

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