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  1. Yashrajsingh
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    I think the idea of a SEC A client agreeing for an interview and expecting something in return itself is fallible. I dont think that a soap or anything else would be a concern, it’s the amount of time which matters…

    Well as far as India is concerned, I believe that barring the conditions that have prevailed during the last 2-3 years, the taxation system(skewed and evasive), the preparation of annual reports(skewed), the rate of procurement of licenses and profits from other departments used to make so much of money that money put into marketing resources was not much of a concern.

    Now I will tell you why your researchers, data collectors and interviewers fail.

    If you look at the bigger picture then obviously everyone wants everything(quantity/quality) at the cheapest price, which almost no company can offer. It is rare for people to take a perspective of the costing a company might have to incur in order to manufacture a product and factor that in. So the products actually never meet the expectations of people(Either price or quality is compromised, getting both is very difficult). Hence eventually over a period of time it creates an impression of surveys just being a waste of time and not keeping up to people’s expectations, which are infinite and are mentioned in the survey’s too!!!

  2. Stephen Jenke
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    “You get what you pay for” is a cliche that we are all aware of – “garbage in and garbage out ” is another thta has been used to describe what happens with poor quality data captured.

    What is paid for and what you get is undermining what is happening in India with respect to the quality of data being collected.
    The Industry at large needs to pay interviewers a wage that is matched with the skills and integrity that would provide good quality interview utlisiling Electronic data capture as much as possible across face to face methodologies.

    That way we have a better chance of capturing the data and being able to monitior quality both at point of capture and also validating the interviewer and data in an effective manner.

    We have to improve the engagement between an interviewer and a respondent, and that means improving both what interviwers get paid and how they are treated, and also how to give a respondent a better experience.

    Researchers need to push back on interview length and what is asked as agree with comments that length of an interview affects quality (reduce interview fatigue and gaining a more representative sample.)

    This is not unique to India, but then India has a relatively low cost for interviewing that has hindered investment in technology and providing a better interviewer engagement.

    Collectively we all must help improve this and be proactive.

    It wont happen without the widespread support of Clients and Researchers – The MR Industry needs to be united in upholding the importance of quality of information collected and used to gain the valuable insights required and improving how interviewers are engaged and how they then engage with respondents.

  3. Estate Agents in Peterborough
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    It’s tough to ever “swear” by data, namely as the data you will always collect is always going to be subjective of the person collecting the data. What I mean by that is that is the results and data collected will not intentionally but always be biased in some way. Whether it’s the kind of questions asked or which data is collected and collated etc


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