Client-side researchers are pivotal as we reinvent market research

By David Smith and Giles Finnemore

Do client-side market researchers play a pivotal role as we reframe what now differentiates market research from other professionals in the evidence-based decision-making space?

Questions are being asked about how the market research industry is going to survive in the world of big data, data analytics and social media, and whether we can deliver insights at the speed with which decision takers now expect.

We are under pressure to have clarity about what is unique about what market researchers have to offer: just what skills – benefits – do we as an industry offer that distinguishes us from others in the evidence-based decision-making/marketing intelligence arena.

In reinventing – reframing – market research, showcasing the role that client-side researchers play will be critical in getting our message out to highlight what is unique about the market research skill set.

ESOMAR’s new Vision: reframing market research in the new data era

ESOMAR has a strategy aimed at creating a bigger vision for the market intelligence industry. It wants to send out a message to a wide spectrum of stakeholders about market research being alive and well and responding to the changing data landscape.

Specifically, the message is that we have a powerful combination of skills around market and customer data that we can deploy to help drive creative marketing strategies. ESOMAR is embarking on creating a powerful new narrative about the skills market researchers bring to the table.

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