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  1. Julian Green
    Julian Green at |

    In a busy world, with so much to take in and so little time, we should always be thinking about how to convey our messages in the most salient and concise format.

  2. Jeanna
    Jeanna at |

    Completely agree. Most is not always best!

  3. Fiona Blades
    Fiona Blades at |

    Over the last decade we have all got used to new formats and languages, like SMS brief messages or social media news. It’s great to see Caroline and Catherine putting an emphasis on how to communicate to senior executives for greater impact for our industry.

  4. Griswold Quincy
    Griswold Quincy at |

    Totally agree– distilling down to the most relevant points makes insights more impactful, memorable, and actionable. Great post!


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