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  1. Annie Pettit, CRO Peanut Labs
    Annie Pettit, CRO Peanut Labs at |

    I just love this excuse “Some researchers argue that they need to remain PC-only to keep data comparable across time.” I hope those researchers are still using door-to-door paper and pencil methods so that their norms are always valid and reliable. Lets stay with the times, people!

  2. Jasko Mahmutovic, CEO SurveyLegend
    Jasko Mahmutovic, CEO SurveyLegend at |

    This is a amazing article :) loved reading it and it maid us even more certain we at SurveyLegend took the right decision when going mobile first. We at Surveylegend.com have done exactly this, mobile-ready surveys first.

    We wanted from day one to give individuals and companies, large and small, the power to create mobile-friendly, gorgeous surveys with ease, and with a smile on their face (yes, you read that right – a smile). In today’s mobile world, we made sure to create a web app that’s ready for it. Now you can create great-looking surveys on your computer or tablet wherever you are, customize the look of your survey however you like, and display results with eye-catching and insightful graphics. It’s all drag and drop :)

    The survey respondent can answer using their phone, tablet or PC. We don’t restrict them to PC, this would be crazy and we aren’t that :)

    Thanks again for the great article


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