CoolTool Releases “Emotions in Browser” Tool 1

Measuring emotions in-browser allows you to get more accurate research data than in a controlled test environment. Participants complete surveys not in laboratories but in settings which are normal and comfortable for them – in places where they come across standard advertising as well.

Within CoolTool’s current solution for neuromarketing research, NeuroLab, the emotion measurement tool was always integrated directly into a professional survey, enabling researchers to obtain better insights.

Now it allows measuring emotions in-browser as well.

What does it mean?

This ability of measuring emotions in-browser has two major advantages:

  • You don’t need an application to measure emotions (only a webcam)
  • You can carry out emotion measurement using mobile devices

The only requirement which participants should meet is having their device (laptop or smartphone) equipped with a camera. You can access participants and measure their emotions during the testing just by sending a link for the survey directly to:

  • E-mails of potential participants/customers (you can upload your own contact list to the system)
  • Members of participant’s panels
  • Subscribers in the social media

What are the main benefits for participants, agencies, and clients?

For participants: they can complete tests from both a mobile device or a laptop wherever they want

For agencies: it’s easier to contact participants, as well as collect the data faster, as there is no need for them to install the application

For clients: benefit from more accurate research data, as participants complete surveys not in laboratories but in settings which are ordinary for them – in places where they come across standard advertising as well.

Furthermore, this technology is currently free of charge for current CoolTool clients. No Neurolab credits (conventional units of accounting for the number of projects implemented with the application of neuromarketing technologies) will be charged from your CoolTool account. Emotion measurement with the application of Neurolab app will be also available and relevant fees will be charged in accordance with your subscription plan.

How does it work?

Currently, this tool is compatible with the following internet browsers: Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. We guarantee the high quality of the collected data, providing:

  • You have a functioning camera (integrated into the device, or any other web-camera connected to the computer)
  • The premises where the test is conducted should be well-lit, but no direct sunshine should penetrate the test area
  • The face of the participant is the center of the frame

The team of CoolTool developers will continue working in this direction, aiming at presenting a full-fledged eye tracking tool for browsers in the nearest future.

*CoolTool is an online platform to automate consumer research. It includes 4 neuro-tools which are integrated with surveys and packaged in one solution for getting neuromarketing insights.