Daniel for ESOMAR Council: innovation and understanding

This is an election statement by Daniel Fazekas, candidate for ESOMAR Council 2017-2018. 

Meaning and Innovation: Tradition and Technology

daniel-fazekas_2016_330x440I believe some things will never change: understanding stands apart from knowledge. You can know a lot of things, but genuine understanding is different.
Our industry’s core proposition is our understanding – through our thinking we help our clients to succeed in their mission. This is our magic: we see behind the data to recognize the human. It is this mixture of voyeurism and curiosity that lead me to become a researcher.

So why am I standing for Council Elections?
I’ve been a firm believer of innovation in market research: bringing together modern technology with traditional approaches delivering a new understanding. We must be open to all that’s new, but stand confidently on our heritage. I think our association and community needs this kind of experience and down-to-earth practicality to succeed for the next 70 years of ESOMAR.