It’s no secret that the largest research investment last year went to digital analytics. Everything is moving towards data. Case-in-point, a quick search in Google on ‘digital analytics’ reveals 171,000,000 results, and you may have heard the term ‘big data’ thrown around just the once or twice… It’s no wonder; the digital analytics market is estimated to reach $125 billion by the end of 2015 – big data is now the reality and it’s here to stay.

According to Forbes, just 15% of fortune 500 companies are using big data analytics; yet, the amount of digital information generated by companies continues to grow exponentially. Today, the race is on to take advantage of the value of data and use it to generate business intelligence – those who ignore big data, will essentially be left behind.

To meet the needs of not only those in the digital analytics field, but all researchers – from client and agency side – ESOMAR has created a new event, ‘Research Analytics: Digital Advanced Research’ (RA:DAR). Held in collaboration with AOL, this conference will address the areas that need in-depth attention, essentially – what’s really going on within this space.

Concepts of big data are starting to change the way organisations operate and are elevating analytics. How far has big data been tackled by powerful analytics? Are we getting the answers we need for more organisations to start waking up and accepting the power of data-driven decisions? With the big data market growing at 28% annually for the next five years, RA:DAR tackles the key questions researchers are asking right now to address the myths and realities surrounding analytics.

The event, held at AOL headquarters in New York, will uncover the business value of insights, looking at everything from smart data to wearable devices, from user-generated content to the ‘Internet of Things.’ RA:DAR will dissect these growing areas of technology and identify what impact they will have on the digital analytics space.

RA:DAR is a truly global event for the analytics research community, creating a platform for researchers to network, share their impressions, and discuss the future of this industry. Digital tech-experts from around the world will run the event, from big names such as AOL, Facebook and IBM – they will discuss what really works and what doesn’t in the world of digital analytics.

This is not a standard conference; it’s an exclusive content exchange platform, with an in-depth exposition of the challenges, failures of digital analytics, and how to overcome them. Themes include, ‘how the data landscape has evolved and what impact will this have on the analytics world?’ and ‘how can analytics transform the daily life and help to better understand social issues?’

RA:DAR has a strong focus on content – rather than commercial purposes – grouped together with digital labs and VIP company visits. The digital labs circuit, held during the networking breaks, will deliver speedy tech demos and interactive company presentations – here you can learn about new analytics tools and see new product launches. To maximise your RA:DAR experience, ESOMAR invites delegates on the final day to attend two exclusive company visits, first at the premises of J. Walter Thompson and second at Netquest to finish the event and give a well-rounded experience of digital analytics.

For more information about ESOMAR RA:DAR, held 25-27 October 2015, and to register, visit the ESOMAR website