ESOMAR Fusion Preview

By Andrew Vincent

Over the past decade there has been a methodological explosion which has turned research design into an art form. The insight world has become a world of FUSION. This world has fused methodological thinking and is killing off methodological segregation.

Most end decision makers have always been methodologically agnostic and the new insight tech is further driving this trend. They just want researchers to help solve their problem, however they wish to do it. These days data is everywhere (to the point that it is easy to feel overwhelmed). However, ultimately each data point represents a person doing something – the human. Those who will succeed in the world of FUSION will be those who can help clients make the best decisions such that they maximise their world of data whilst also recognising the human component.

Practitioners may specialise, but they cannot ignore the wider reality that is FUSION. You may analyse big data but whatever you come up with can only be enhanced by human understanding. You may be a qualitative practitioner who explores the consumer reality close-up, teasing out the nuance required to succeed, but remember your client is also looking at big data. Whatever we specialise in, we must all recognise the FUSION reality.

Reflecting the FUSION reality, ESOMAR are combining the former silos of big data and global qualitative into one event in Dublin 11-15 November. This event will combine the what with the why, bring together predictive analytics and anthropology, fuse AI with ethnography, all in the name of allowing insight professionals to determine the best combination of methodologies that will create the most impactful business outcomes.

I look forward to seeing you in Dublin next week. And if you can’t make it, register here to catch the content live on ESOMAR TV.

Andrew Vincent

Programme Committee