Each year ESOMAR, in cooperation with BDO Accountants & Advisors, reaches out to the industry at a local, regional and national level to uncover the growth, status, size and performance of market research. Measuring the value of work conducted by market research companies or institutes at all levels, we provide an authoritative review of the state of our industry, hoping to enhance our professionalism as market research buyers, providers and suppliers. And so the Global Market Research Report is produced.

The Global Market Research report is based on data on the market research turnover and growth from over 80 countries thus exploring regional, methodological and cross-sector nuances and dynamics. The report is the only global analysis of research spend, including also detailed country-level breakdowns by method, research design, client and project types. For a more comprehensive picture of industry developments and opportunities, the report also provides expert interviews and analyses, review of the Top 10 research companies and more.

The production of the Global Market Research Report is a large industry effort. The data is collected with the help of the report’s sounding board, trade associations, industry experts and ESOMAR representatives from across the globe. The report is an overall all year round effort. The fieldwork for the report, centering on the industry survey ESOMAR sends around the world, runs over six weeks with the whole publication process taking around three months, with needed.

The first edition of the Global Market Research report was released in 1988, with a further 26 editions following – growing from 21 pages at its inception to 135 pages in 2014, mapping its significant evolution and importance to the research industry.

2014’s edition, which measured the market in 2013, marked a number of key industry findings. For one, in 2013, the ‘market research’ sector surpassed the US $40 billion mark, which now puts it on par with the recorded music industry and global Wi-Fi market. The report also revealed that North America is leading global growth for the industry, through a resurgence in qualitative in the USA. Additionally, the GMR found China’s growth rate has declined by more than half in the past year; however, the size on the market research industry in China is quickly catching up with the most developed market in the region, Japan.

Through its rich data breakdown and analysis, the report helps those in the industry and also outside, spot new trends in a uniquely comprehensive way. It serves as a support for research projects, market studies and business plans as it provides detailed financial figures related to country and region market research spend, which allows for easy country comparisons.

The latest 2015 report will be released at ESOMAR Congress 27-30 September, and will be available to download or purchase then. 

If you are an ESOMAR member you can download a pdf version of the Global Market Research report in MyESOMAR for free in September, or alternatively order a hard copy. If you are not a member of ESOMAR you can join and receive the annual report for free, alternatively, the report is available to purchase in our publications store.