ESOMAR Introduces Council: Meet Kristin and Anne-Sophie 4

Every two years our members elect a new Council to take responsibility for the organisation achieving its overall vision, mission and objectives. But who are they and what are their hopes and dreams? 


Kristin Luck_New headshot 2FULL NAME: Kristin Luck


NOW LIVES IN: Bend, Oregon / USA. After spending 13 years in Los Angeles, I moved to Bend in 2007 to spend more time in the outdoors. When I’m not flying around the world on consulting gigs, you’ll find me snowboarding, mountain biking or kayaking….in Bend.

BORN: 1972 in Winfield, Illinois / USA

FAMILY STATUS: I’ve managed to escape most adult responsibilities by not having children. My dogs are my kids (Greta (8), Sadie (6) & Quick (2)).

NICKNAME AT SCHOOL & WHY: I don’t think I had a nickname….at least not one I’m aware of.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL: Statistics & Critical Thinking

UNIVERSITY DEGREE(S): Bachelor of Science in Journalism, University of Oregon

FAVOURITE SPORT: Snowboarding!

HOW YOU GOT INTO RESEARCH: I worked my way through college as a Research Assistant for an applied social sciences firm (Oregon Center for Applied Science). After graduation, I applied to an ad in the LA Times for a Research Assistant at Lieberman Research Worldwide in Los Angeles….and so began my descent into the world of marketing research!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T IN RESEARCH: I’m doing it! Since the sale of my last firm (Decipher to FocusVision in 2014), I’ve been working as a growth strategy consultant. Good growth strategy is inherently data driven so it’s the perfect fit to combine my years of research experience with my years of experience building and growing companies.

SECRET CAREER WISH: I am really passionate about the outdoors and the environment and briefly considered going to law school for Environmental Law. Instead, I channel my time and financial resources to supporting organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Natural Resources Defense Council.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION & WHY: I really love to travel so it’s challenging for me to pick a favorite….here are my top three.

  • Istanbul – Perfect mix of East and West. Amazing food, lovely people. I love waking up to the sound of the call to prayer.
  • Maldives – Unbelievable diving in a part of the world that you’ll want to see before it disappears entirely.
  • Athens – I live a third of the year in Greece. Athens is my second home and I never get tired of exploring this beautiful city.



anne sophieFULL NAME: Anne-Sophie DAMELINCOURT


NOW LIVES IN: L’Isle Adam, a very small and quite town at 40 km from Paris.

BORN: 1973 in Paris

FAMILY STATUS: We live with my 5 year old daughter, Juliette

NICKNAME AT SCHOOL & WHY: Anne-So, short for Anne-Sophie, rather than a nickname. This is how most of my friends name me today

FAVOURITE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL: English, I love languages and culture, and English language particularly. I always had great English teachers. I also loved History and International Relations.

UNIVERSITY DEGREE(S): I got a Master’s degree from ESSCA, Business School I France.

FAVOURITE SPORT: Waterski, slalom course and tricks. It is not easy to practice waterski when you live in Paris so I try to travel to Florida at least once a year for training. I remember once traveling to Singapore for business and bringing all my stuff (a 2 meter bag) with me for 5 minutes ride into the slalom course at Bedok Reservoir!

HOW YOU GOT INTO RESEARCH: I started working as a Product Manager at Lactalis and Market Research was what I liked best. Then I worked at Nielsen France and in other smaller companies before creating my own company 10 years ago.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T IN RESEARCH: I love really what I do, I particularly love meeting people and thinking (which is a good thing for Qual people like me!). I would have love working in international relations, either for a government or as a consultant for governments or private companies.

SECRET CAREER WISH: Managing a company in international relations, being a specialist of Middle East.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION & WHY: I love traveling and discovering cultures, being everywhere, arriving somewhere you don’t know at all. A part from that, one of my favourite destination is Ibiza in Spain, where I have been spending summer holidays since I was a child with my grand-parents and parents. Now we go there with my daughter, with similar rituals.