ESOMAR Introduces Council: Meet Kristin and Anne-Sophie 4

Every two years our members elect a new Council to take responsibility for the organisation achieving its overall vision, mission and objectives. But who are they and what are their hopes and dreams? 


Marcello_Sasso.jpgFULL NAME: Marcello Sasso


NOW LIVES IN: Formia (LT), a small town on the coast between Rome and Naples. My family moved here from Naples when I was 4. My dad was managing a shipyard with his brothers and they relocated. But, I will soon move to Columbus, OH, in the USA, to work from the Aimpoint’s HQ.

BORN: 1973 in Naples

FAMILY STATUS: Married with Stefania and with a 5 years old daughter called Chiara

NICKNAME AT SCHOOL & WHY: Groundhog. I should kill my best friend Giovanni for this. We used to go to school together in the morning, and one day, I had very little sleep the night before (we partied) , and my eyes were struggling to be wide open. That morning he started saying I was a groundhog, since my sight was limited.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL: English language. I was always fascinated by foreign cultures and their history. But I should say also Physical education. My high school was very close to the beach and our teacher used to bring us there to play on the sand.

UNIVERSITY DEGREE(S): I got a BA degree in International Business from the Helia-Haaga polytechnic in Helsinki, Finland, and an MBA from the Strategies Business School in Italy.

FAVOURITE SPORT: Football (soccer for my American friends). I am a big fan of Napoli. I grew up watching the exploits of Diego Armando Maradona, who I also had the pleasure to see live at the San Paolo stadium.

HOW YOU GOT INTO RESEARCH: During my last year in Helsinki I found an ad on the University ad-board where Euromonitor was looking for junior freelance researchers. I started doing projects for them before graduating, and after graduating they asked me to go back to Italy and work for them intensively. From there to start my own agency, it was a natural evolution.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T IN RESEARCH: A professional DJ. In 1999 I started spinning records in local parties, playing house music, and soon I started djing in local clubs first and then in several clubs across Italy with some gigs also in NYC, London and Helsinki. I played with famous djs like Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles etc. Nowadays I still do small gigs, mostly once a month in local bars.

SECRET CAREER WISH: While one of my secret wish did happen, playing in a club with 5000 people, another one still remains a dream: to pilot an air fighter like F-18 or the new F-35. I have a passion for them.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION & WHY: The Caribbean Islands. I grew up by the sea and I love warm temperatures. My dream is to retire on a beach location and go fishing. Meanwhile, I go to Florida. The Daytona beach’ sand is similar to the Caribbean one.


UmeshFULL NAME: Umesh Kumar


NOW LIVES IN: Mumbai, cosmopolitan city, commercial capital of the country.

BORN: 1981, Bihar, Province of Eastern India.

FAMILY STATUS: Married, living with wife Priya Singh, age 29.

NICKNAME AT SCHOOL & WHY: There was no nickname, I was known in school with my registered name.


UNIVERSITY DEGREE(S): Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and Master of Business Administration (Marketing)

FAVOURITE SPORT: Cricket and Badminton

HOW YOU GOT INTO RESEARCH: I was looking at options to earn pocket money during my college days and one of my friends advised to get in touch with his friend (he was interviewer with NFO-MBL, now TNS). He suggested I do some interviews part-time (during weekends and evening hours). I started from there, and got very interested in the insight industry. I took a full time role with NFO/TNS after completing my studies.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T IN RESEARCH: IAS (Indian Administrative Service) – I had an interest for civil service, and I was preparing for the exams. However, I felt the insight industry is more exciting and challenging.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION & WHY: Singapore – due to its diversity and culture, the people and the Food. When I am there, I don’t feel away from home. It is also very business friendly – the 4th leading financial centre in the world.

ESOMAR Council Update – February meeting

February 8th and 9th saw the first Council meeting of the new term.
In overall terms, it was a very useful and productive meeting, with the Council – led by President Niels Schillewaert – reviewing developments under the previous Council’s Growth 2017 initiative, and setting up a new series of workgroups and projects to build on the progress already achieved.

A continuing focus on Membership, our Representatives, and all our touchpoints with our Members remain at the top of Council’s agenda, as well as ensuring that our industry’s “voice” continues to shout loudly and proudly at a legislative level, as well as at as many events as possible!!

Following the meeting, Niels invited the staff for a glass of “good cheer”, and outlined many of the discussions Council had held over the two days:












In short, Lots done, Lots achieved, and Lots more to do!!

For your information, there will be a Council member(s) at each of the following events, so make sure to take the opportunity to meet with them, and let them know what more we can do!

MENAP : Umesh Kumar
LATAM: Joaquim Bretcha and Marcello Sasso
APAC : Joaquim Bretcha and Pieter Paul Verheggen