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  1. Annie Pettit
    Annie Pettit at |

    Thanks for the shout-out for the new speaker track Adam! There were definitely a lot of nerves among those speakers but a number of them looked like pros on stage! I hope we will see them speak again and get better every time. More new speakers!

  2. Kathryn Korostoff
    Kathryn Korostoff at |

    Beware providers who describe their data as “statistically significant qual.”

  3. Stephen Cribbett
    Stephen Cribbett at |

    Adam, could you dive deeper into what you, and attendees at IIEX, see ‘agile research’ as being. I’ve come across many interpretations, which I won’t go into here for the sake of biasing your response, so I’m keen to hear what you think, and what the 1% think.


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