Fusion Preview: Post-Truths Insights; Driving Business Impact

By Sunita Venkataraman and Radhecka Roy

As part of the Prophets & Profiting scene setting at ESOMAR Fusion, Intel and IPSOS will be presenting their case study entitled ‘Post-Truth Insights; Driving Business Impact’. Here’s a preview of what you can expect…..

The clamour for consumer centricity has thrown up some unique challenges for both marketers and research/insight providers.

To take a step back – where did this need for consumer centricity originate?

It was really the growing shift in power from marketer to the consumer and the dominance of the consumer in a lot of erstwhile brand-controlled areas that demanded we co-opt the consumer in all marketing planning. This now covers areas like innovation, shopper, engagement, touch-points and also content creation. Linked to consumer centricity is the need to track real time or even anticipate what consumers need, act upon it instantly and drive impact in terms of revenue and growth.

Ironically, clients are discovering that this need for consumer centricity is in some ways counter-intuitive to the deep, fundamental learning that was being built on the same consumer – by way of strategic programs.  And this is most so for clients whose customer base has grown increasingly fragmented – requiring many, ongoing strategies to micro-target for many real-time opportunities.  Leading to the need for a new breed of insights – Post-Truth Insights.

It is this need that inspired Intel and Ipsos to embark on a pilot and explore a new model that could supply steady stream of opportunities which can be activated in real time for an increasingly fragmented customer base. To know more, come listen to Sunita Venkataraman (@sunitavenk) and Radhecka Roy (@radhecka) present on the case study at ESOMAR Fusion.

To watch ‘Post-Truth Insights; Driving Business Impact’ in full be at the Fusion stage at 9:25am on Thursday 15th November or tune in on ESOMAR TV.

By Sunita Venkataraman, Intel and Radhecka Roy, IPSOS