Get ready to #ESOMARping!

What happens when you infuse interviews with a healthy dose of Ping Pong spirit and add a sprinkle of Millennial curiosity? We’re setting up a fun social experiment to find out!


#ESOMARping is a spontaneous interview series where one person answers a question, then asks their very own question, without knowing who will answer it.

There is absolute freedom in what question to ask – as long as it somewhat pertains to Millennials (because #pong! Duh!).

Check out some of our first submissions here to get started!


#ESOMARping is going live on Friday, September 16th, 2016 and will continue for the duration of the ESOMAR Congress in New Orleans.

How do I #ESOMARping online?

Check out the ESOMAR social feeds on Twitter and Instagram and look for the #ESOMARping hashtag. Pick a question to respond to, record a quick video on your phone and upload it with the same hashtag! Make sure you mention the handle of your interviewer in your post!

How do I #ESOMARping at the ESOMAR Congress?

Look (out) for Giulia or swing by the ESOMAR TV Studio or the #YES Lounge.

Or tweet #ESOMARpong at @giuliagasperi with a meeting location and she will come find you and record your #ESOMARpong video with you!

This is Giulia!

Why would I do this?

The better question would be: why not?

It’s a fun way to share your ideas, network and learn about others’ opinions all at the same time. Nerdy bonus: it doesn’t just shed light on how people answer a question – but also on what questions they ask!


Giulia Gasperi is known mostly for her faith in unicorns and love for fun facts. She speaks 5 languages and has resided in 9 countries across 4 continents. Today, as Research Director at InSites Consulting, she inspires top-tier brands all over the world and helps them unlock extraordinary insights from everyday consumer realities. Tomorrow, she hopes to become a ballerinastronaut.