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As you all probably know, our market research and insights profession has an internationally recognised quality standard (ISO 20252), which companies can certify to.
What you may not know, is that this standard (and indeed all industry specific standards) are designed, modified and updated by groups of practitioners who regularly volunteer their time and energy to define all of the component parts of our business processes, so that appropriate quality measures can be put together, to form the standard.

As our business evolves, and as lots of new data sources, analyses and methodologies become available, this review process becomes increasingly important, for the standard to remain up-to-date, and relevant!

Recently, a group comprising representatives from VMÖ (Austria), MRS (UK), CMRA (China), JMRA (Japan), MOA (Netherlands), AMSRS (Australia), MRIA (Canada), ANEIMO (Spain), ARIA (the Americas), ESOMAR, and WAPOR, as well as representatives from Millward Brown and the Kantar Group, met for 3 days in Tokyo to continue the review process of ISO 20252. Our sincerest thanks are offered to Mr. Yuji NAKANO from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for his warm welcome, secretary general Mr. Kazunori WATANABE and JMRA for their thoughtful care of the committee, and Rakuten for hosting us in their beautiful, new building.










As mentioned earlier, the aim of the revision is to reflect changes in methodology and approach, include references to leading edge technologies and improve navigability with clearly defined, separate areas to support the various sectors within our profession – not as easy as you might think!, social, and opinion research industry. So keep an eye out on this website, or on Twitter : for news on progress !!