Massimo Cealti and Oliver Schieleit

How innovation in the sensory business can benefit from a new angle on research. And how future qualitative research can learn from sensory!

Invite around 100 women from Germany and the USA. Go with them on an inspirational and multisensory journey into the world of oral care. Encourage and empower them to build their own vision of their personal future oral care sensory experience. Make sure you have a flavourist on board who does magic on the spot – to allow consumers to experience and evaluate their own ideas in real time. Then realise what research can do for sensory innovation – and what this sensory experience can also teach the future of qualitative research. Research with all senses!

Massimo Cealti is Global Vice President Consumer and Market Insights at Symrise, France and Oliver Schieleit is Managing Director Berlin at H,T,P, Concept, Germany

If you are interested in attending the ESOMAR Qualitative 2o12 conference in Amsterdam more details including the full programme can be found on the ESOMAR event pages.