Kyle Nel 

As a native of Atlanta, I am very excited about the ESOMAR Congress being held in Atlanta this year. I am also delighted to be involved with an organisation called the Fringe Factory.

I first was introduced to the folks from the Fringe Factory at an ESOMAR event a few months back.  I had run into a couple of people that shared my passion for market research and the desire to push the proverbial envelope in the industry, but I have yet to come across a group who was truly dedicated to promoting and exploring the ‘fringes’ of our industry. The Fringe Factory members are dedicated to doing just that … individually and collectively these “Fringe-ers” are pushing market research to new levels.

I love the idea of bringing the provocateurs of market research together to share, learn and commiserate. The Fringe Factory is holding an event adjacent to the ESOMAR congress in Atlanta. All are welcome.  The details follow, but you can also visit the Fringe Factory website for more information.

Milkshake of the Mind
Overcoming a Market Research Brain Freeze

The Fringe Factory will be back with an evening show at ESOMAR Congress 2012 in Atlanta, USA! We are seeking creative researchers who want to perform on stage on Monday 10 September (singer/songwriters, music bands, painters, comedians, etc). Are you up for the challenge? Drop us a quick message before 27th July with your idea via!