Kristin for Council: to continue ESOMAR's growth & global presence

This is an election statement by Kristin Luck, candidate for ESOMAR Council 2017-2018. 

kristin-luck_2014_330x440As a research entrepreneur, ESOMAR has played a critical role in educating and building my global network throughout my many years in the industry. I’ve been very much honored to contribute back to ESOMAR these past two years as a member of Council.

In early 2016, the Council released ESOMAR’s 2017 Growth Strategy, which as a growth strategist, was highly exciting! Although we’ve made solid progress on the beginning stages of rolling out this strategy, I believe there’s still much work to be done. Through my many years of experience growing early to mid-stage firms, I feel uniquely qualified to see through the successful implementation of this growth strategy, ensuring that ESOMAR is uniquely positioned as THE global association that promotes the value of market and opinion research in illuminating real issues and bringing about effective decision-making, in a dynamic and fast changing industry.

I’m also thrilled that, through Women In Research, we’ve been able to form an alliance with the ESOMAR Foundation to fund a scholarship for a woman in need in Kenya- which was announced last week at ESOMAR Congress. These types of alliances and outreach in economically or conflict challenged regions are critical to supporting and promoting market research in emerging markets – key to ESOMAR’s future growth.

Lastly, I am very much committed to expanding and promoting the presence of ESOMAR in the US, where ESOMAR’s services and programming could benefit from further awareness.

I would be honored to continue my work with ESOMAR as a member of the 2017/2018 Council and would appreciate your support of my candidacy.

Kristin Luck