Research can be annoying or cool, more of the same or interesting. Everything depends on how people face it.

The best way to do interesting researches is to understand it as a source of inspiration for brands. A tool where ideas can come out and drive the business forward, creating opportunities for products and communication.

Facing the research like this is a way to make it more relevant to everyone (clients and researches). That’s what i believe in.

But to do research work that inspires people and audiences is not that simple. It involves a series of changes on how we do it. Among these the most important changes has more to do with the behaviour of researches than with the technique itself: we must put aside the quest for consensus.

Leave aside the search for unanimity is to give attention to individual and (even) divergent opinions. It is about respecting and giving value to that idea/opinion that came from just one consumer but that is good enough to create a new opportunity for the client.

There are more interestingness behind single opinions than behind the consensus.

In order to do an inspiring research it always worth remember that famous statement: everything is interesting if we look more closely.

Caio Casseb, founder and partner at Scoop & Co