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  1. Sridhar Padmanabh
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    The industry experts sharing their concerns and thoughts to promote market research is good for this industry. Engagement between the “buyer” and “seller” is no doubt critical but at the same time engagement between the seller (agency) and target group is crucial. Since, this ensures authenticity of data and helps improve industry credibility amongst all stakeholders. Many agencies have resources in building infrastructure suitable for this activity but somewhere down the line it is vulnerable and exposed to weakness. Each research activity be it consumer, social or industrial research, requires specialists right from design to operations to quality management. Polling results of US 2016 attracted criticism and further damaged reputation of MR industry. Agency, media and also the users were to a large extent part of this issue. Identifying and recruiting right candidates is equally important in building the skill sets to improve their involvement and attitude for a sensible work contribution. Applying methodology and techniques suitable for research analysis and with available technology can deliver the desired outputs. Last but not the least, case studies will play a major role in winning the confidence of all stake holders concerned.


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