Programmatic sample marketplace creator, Lucid and panel management platform, Ingress have announced a partnership that will increase sample supply and access across Europe.

The integration of Ingress into the Lucid’s programmatic marketplace will grant fast and convenient access for sample suppliers looking to expand throughout the European market and beyond.

Ingress’ panelingress software allows for integrated, seamless management for those running market research panels, company panels or customer communities. The panelingress interface enables their customers to make their panel available for a wide range of projects. “Our latest partnership with Lucid gives our panel clients the opportunity to connect with the world,” said Oliver Kohrmann, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ingress.

For Lucid, this continues the rapid growth they have seen across the continent and will enable even more suppliers to enter their marketplace. The partnership will grant Lucid customers access to a variety of panel sizes and continue to diversify their offerings.