Marcello for Council: with a focus on members

This is an election statement by Marcello Sasso, candidate for ESOMAR Council 2017-2018. 

Dear member,
ESOMAR grew a lot in the past years. It moved from just individual memberships to adding corporate membership and lately a major focus on academic membership and the launch of YES, the Young ESOMAR Society. Additionally, the launch of ANA, an advanced tool to archive Market Research related documents, papers, presentations, publications etc. based on the famous Watson supercomputer.
As members we are very proud of the ESOMAR evolution, but I think after many years on improving the offering, it’s time to focus more on members. An association lives on members and they have to be the core of everything. I believe we should create more benefits in addition to the existing ones. For this reason, I created a small program I would like to realize if I get elected.

A more interactive ESOMAR, word to members. My 10 points:

1. Creation of an “ask the expert” e-board, where members can ask/search for help (e.g. what is the privacy law in Nigeria?). Self-promotion forbidden. Also, accessible from the ESOMAR mobile app.

2. In 2014, I invented and proposed the ESOMAR Congress mentor program. Since then it has been a great success. First time attendees are assigned to a mentor (usually a country representative), that helps them to get familiar with the event and with other participants. I would like to expand the program to all global ESOMAR conferences.

3. Increase the networking activities, both offline and online. During conferences it is key to have more networking games and meetings, while the website could also be a valid platform.

4. Allow country representatives to access members’ mailing lists, to stay in touch with the base. Today the representative is a spokesman of ESOMAR to members (representing ESOMAR). However, it should be a two-way communication, where members can also use the representative to interact with ESOMAR. This will lead into a better collaboration, higher participation and elevation of both the association and the industry.

5. Involve the local membership base to propose and organize more local events, focusing on local trends, issues and opportunities alongside with an International view.

6. Creation of partnerships with local Universities where ESOMAR members can hold lectures to favor the education of new talents, as well as facilitating a higher involvement of the academic world into ESOMAR (to increase the number of academic members and future talent members).

7. Launch more global industry specific conferences, e.g. Automotive, Agriculture, Food & Beverage.

8. A paper submission learning centre. A Knowledge base to teach members how to write a paper and communicate what it really takes to be selected. Many members have great stories, but simply do not know how to submit them.

9. Revised rules for paper selection. Candidates must prepare a two-minute summary video to show their presentation skills. Additionally, we must limit the number of submissions per company and further stimulate the participation of more diverse companies and countries.

10. Global arrangements to obtain discounts through conventions. For instance, we all travel a lot. What if we attempt to strike a deal with Skyteam (the airlines alliance) and get a 10% discount code for ESOMAR members? It will be a big saving for all of us, and it can be done with express couriers, service providers, software manufacturers etc.

I hope I interpret also your point of view.
If so, I would like to count on your vote, to represent you and the remaining 5000 members.

Please, remember that it is possible to express a second preference. If you like my program, but you have promised to vote another candidate, you can still select my name as a second choice.

Best Regards
Marcello Sasso
ESOMAR Council Candidate