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  1. Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma at |

    I started reading this article thinking that there may be something about Where Marketing Research is headed towards (Continuing from most discussions which conclude by mentioning online research or off late mobile research).
    I was in for a disappointment (enough to not be able to hide it!). What is the value addition of this article ?
    Must have been more interested if article pondered on how Market is changing and hence need for research is changing!
    I read RW Connect with an expectation (and interest) to know more about evolving MR trends and ongoing discussions in the community. I am really missing on something if this happens to be one of those!
    I apologies for sharp and pointed criticism but off late I have got to read articles on MR blogs leaving me wonder “Why?” I thought we left that vocation for a breed others call “Consultants”

  2. Preriit Souda
    Preriit Souda at |

    Hi Abhishek. Thanks for your honest comment on this blog. While I agree that we need to talk more about inspirational “new” work, I also agree to disagree with you that we shouldn’t express our fears on how the industry is moving and possible ways to abate future problems. I believe in digging well(water) before the house is on fire.

    I, too, can blog about new techniques I work on or read/hear somewhere but I feel that blogs are the best platform to express one’s opinion or personal/shared experience. Honest opinions either inspire or infuriate readers which lead to discussions otherwise hidden in the closet. :)

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  4. Annie Pettit
    Annie Pettit at |

    Well, my answer to your original question is undeniably yes. There are so many great things about the market research industry that I would highly recommend this career to anyone who is curious about it. And yes, there are many bad things about a career in market research, just as there are many bad things about EVERY other career out there. Besides, if you don’t like something about how your industry works, that is the perfect opportunity for you to take a stand and do whatever you can to make things better. Mmmmm…. data….

  5. Preriit Souda
    Preriit Souda at |

    Annie, totally agree. Be the Change you wish to see. !! Having said that we also need to speak out the unpleasant to wake up those sleeping and inspire the ones willing to take up the challenge. I feel that often criticism works better than a simple to-do list. In several conferences we hear a lot of to-do lists but no blunt criticism and thats a problem.


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