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  1. Judy Melanson
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    Kristen – couldn’t agree more. Judy

  2. Christian Ramsey
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    Read your article, very well written.

    How might we change the research industry into one that is loved?

    The collection of massive sample sizes makes it difficult to redesign the service that respondents are receiving.

    Most quantitive data might expose a snapshot of today, but it is typical that it will lead to incremental innovation.

    Because respondents aren’t intrinsically motivated to survey (of course some are), they are not going to give the vital insights that will enable us to create novel solutions that really matter.

    As a Human Centred Designer, I love to dive in with the “human” and immerse myself in their world, even it if that means living with them or spending a large amount of my time with them. With that, along with embracing everything they do with a beginner’s mind, the “human” or “respondent” feels as if I care, and I do, and we all do. The research industry needs a new face that embodies this kind of research regularly as well as other market research techniques.

    At our current economical state, innovation seems to be the key to pushing companies forward. Companies without this element are merely moving the needle. Soon, without continuous innovation, companies won’t be able to push the needle; and, of course innovation needs to be a disciplined pursuit within your industry.

    Research, for me, plays the largest role for this very innovative future. We need to have an unrelenting focus on empathy, better snapshots of how people are really doing, and become advocates for those people because we know their “why”. We know not only what they do, but we also know why they do what they do. We are all already doing the same things as far as market research is concerned. We now need to become experimental with what we do rather than use the standard research methods that will only ever garner standard results.

    Research is about the “human” not the numbers and, sadly, I think we have forgotten that.

    This industry certainly needs a shake up and it’s our job to do so. If we claim we have passion, then it is our inclination to be the pioneers of that change.

    1. Kristin Luck
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      Christian, I couldn’t agree more. To get back “the love” we need to stop focusing on “respondents” or “users” and remember we’re talking to people.. The main development requirement for any research study is empathy.


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