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  1. Rick Hobbs
    Rick Hobbs at |

    Perhaps you were exposed too early in life and like all first girlfriends \you can not truly appreciate MHON and how great it is until you experience others. Go try others, and MHON will be prepared to accept you when you come back, after all we all have needs at different levels. The key is communicating it.

  2. Giancarlo Mirmillo
    Giancarlo Mirmillo at |

    Like all theories even  “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (MHON)” must be framed in time when it was created: 1943.
    As with many other theories in the economic, medical or social fields, new research has led to new models to interpret, and perhaps predict human behavior.
    The behavioral economics and neuroscience have provided some interesting models that clarify the complex relationships between needs, motivations and behaviors, and highlight the importance of emotions in these processes.
    The new girls / boys in town have grown!


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