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  1. Horst Feldhaeuser
    Horst Feldhaeuser at |

    Great article and summary Cassidy. This should be motivating ALL researchers not just Millennials really :-)

  2. Wale Omiyale
    Wale Omiyale at |

    It’s fantastic to see such engagement from the young people who make up the future of the Market Research industry. Having also attended ESOMAR Congress (sadly not as a “young” anything!) one of my favourite parts of the event was taking part in the “Research Rally” where able to work with fledgling MR agencies, acting as a mentor to help them move forward. It was great way to crystallise some of the technologies and methodologies that will become part of the day-to-day workings of our work.

    Reading Cassidy’s article, it’s clear that technology is going to be a huge driver for change, particularly when interacting with Millennials. Mobile apps, facial emotion recognition and video capture are already starting to find their place in the MR toolkit, and as an industry it’ll be a challenge to ensure we balance these ever-evolving technologies with new methodologies to ensure we continue to deliver great data. It’s an exciting time!


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