P2Sample and Lucid Announce Real-Time Respondent Experience Tracking

P2Sample and Lucid today announced a new phase of their long-standing integration partnership – real-time tracking of P2Sample’s survey respondent experience.

The newly developed feature allows Lucid to see the conversion rate, financial performance, response count, and overall health of studies.

This groundbreaking technology provides insight into immediate, unbiased, actionable data, and ultimately leads to higher-quality survey responses. Allowing Lucid to react to P2Sample respondents’ in-survey interactions cultivates a better respondent experience and a streamlined business relationship between P2Sample and Lucid.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with the Lucid team” said Mathijs de Jong, P2Sample CEO. “Providing this kind of technology and insight to the Lucid team only makes our relationship stronger while providing the best overall experience for respondents which is a core value for us.”

Arno Hummerston, Lucid Vice President, Product and Marketing added, “Lucid’s continued commitment to automation through leading technology and quality across the insights industry is not just about us – this integrated P2 feature means we can leverage their data to optimize the respondent experience and, therefore, the value we bring to our marketplace.