Pervin for Council: development for change

This is an election statement by Pervin Olgun, Ass. Prof, candidate for ESOMAR Council 2017-2018. 

Dear Friends

pervinTwo years ago I was elected as a council member with your great support. All the Council members, except dear Prof. David Smith, are standing again to finish the projects that we started in our two years term with a new vision. In my message below, I would like to mention some of them, mainly related to education, that I was personally involved together with other council members and teams of excellent ESOMAR professionals.

Two years ago, in my mission statement, I pointed out to work on developing strategies for excellence in research.

I believe, to provide and sustain excellence in marketing research mainly depend on two main pillars, the first one is attracting high caliber people and young talents into our industry and the second one, is being part of the great change in this digital era. But the research among young people we conducted revealed that marketing research was less of a focus for them.

In the light of these two facts, to reformulate ESOMAR’s vision and the Code of conduct became necessary. The Council accomplished to prepare a new code of conduct to embrace neighboring industries that we are currently either working together or using their products and services like survey analytics companies or neuroscientists. If the new code goes through the referendum, our digital counterparts will be in ESOMAR Community, which will eventually make marketing research more attractive for young people.

Secondly YES; Young ESOMAR Society, is developed as a new chapter to host under thirties. A film introducing Marketing research is shot to be shown in universities by the professors and industry associations in countries for promoting our industry. The film is online in YouTube and ESOMAR web page. Another development is to activate the job board, open to university students, young people. In this board companies put notices for the trainees or for young researchers as well as young people posting their CVs.

Finally, I represented ESOMAR in the ESOMAR Foundation board together with Pieter Paul who is standing for president. I took part in a training in Kenya on behalf of the Foundation.

Therefore, I am standing for the elections again to see the further developments of those exciting projects and the outcomes in the new term and be part of change.