Pieter Paul for President: global & client reach

This is an election statement by Pieter Paul Verheggen, candidate for ESOMAR President 2017-2018. 

Dear ESOMAR members,

pieter-paul-verheggen_330x440Soon the Council elections will start. It was my great pleasure to have been part of the Council during the last term. And I do think that we have accomplished important results:

  • Organizing more events and activities, for example in Asia and Africa: for the first time in history, ESOMAR is going to hold an event in South Africa in 2017.
  • Engaging more young people in the research industry trough the YES-program (visit Young ESOMAR Society or have a look HERE)
  • As a result of a Council initiative, ESOMAR developed a new Code of Conduct which will enable newcomers to our industry who focus on social media, big-secondary-data and neuroscience to become part of the Research industry.

But I do feel that we are not ready yet and I do have the ambition to run for another term! Among others, I hope to achieve the following:

  • ESOMAR to reach out every year to all the continents with events, congress and conferences
  • To make it easier for end-clients to become ESOMAR members, facilitating MR agencies to invite end-clients to come with them to events, congress and conferences

Next year ESOMAR will celebrate its 70 years anniversary where it once started, in Amsterdam! As a Dutchman, I am full of energy to help ESOMAR step into the next phase of its existence. Therefore, I am a candidate for the position of President of ESOMAR.

With 25 years experience in the MR industry (of which the last 7 years as CEO of Motivaction), 12 years experience as Chairman of the Dutch Market Research Association and my activities in the Council during the last 2 years I know what it is to safeguard the interest of various stakeholders and how to accomplish results! I therefore consider myself as a good candidate to lead the ESOMAR organisation.

I hope that I can count on your vote and look forward to make my energy, know-how and experience available for our industry and help ESOMAR grow! To give you an impression about my intentions, please have a look at the video below:

Sincerely yours,

Pieter Paul Verheggen
CEO Motivaction