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  1. Jennifer
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    LOVE your post, Simon!

    I agree that rise of journey mapping is exciting. I’ve found mapping to be a great tool to help companies understand how customers interact with and feel about their business. And, as you pointed out, (if done correctly) it can provide the data C-suite execs need to make smart, strategic decisions and know exactly where to invest resources. Our company, Touchpoint Dashboard, has published many journey mapping resources on our blog. Your readers might benefit from them:

    Thanks for sharing a great post!

    Touchpoint Dashboard

    P.S. Don’t lose hope on the youngsters. Fortunately for them, web-based journey mapping is quickly replacing the linear, paper-based mapping method. 20-somethings will soon be creating insight-packed maps, and analyzing and precisely navigating the customer journey faster than the GPS lady can say “recalculating.” :-)


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