Research Now SSI Has a New Name and Brand

Dallas, Texas (January 15, 2019) – Research Now SSI has announced their long-awaited rebrand together with the introduction of a new company name, with CEO Gary S. Laben writing that he is delighted to share the new name and brand, Dynata, with the world.

The new name and re-branding follows the culmination of the merger and integration of the previously separate first-party data companies Research Now and SSI. Describing it as “contemporary and forward-looking”, Laben says the new brand reflects the company’s vision of revitalizing market research and data-driven marketing by providing quality data for decision-making.

The ‘Dynata’ name has been described as aiming to unite the company as a single entity, with a renewed commitment to the company’s strategy, defined by Laben as:

  • Continuing to provide high quality, precise data from a large collection of permissioned first-party data from opted-in panel participants
  • To be in the vanguard of helping researchers, marketers, and advertisers be successful in the new era of marketing

As both Laben and EMEA Marketing Director Kelaine Blades note, the now-unified Dynata aims to “close the knowledge loop across marketing disciplines”, and set new standards for high-performance B2C and B2B marketing.