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  1. Dan Foreman
    Dan Foreman at |

    A great interview Simon and Mario.

    It is heartening for all of us to know that so much ‘traditional’ research is conducted by this amazing business that has transformed our lives.

    It also shines a different perspective on some of the debates within the industry and the tensions we discuss when we consider our future.

    I hope we continue to have more open and frank discussions within this community.

    Thank you both for doing this.

    Dan Foreman,
    ESOMAR President.

  2. Simon Glanville
    Simon Glanville at |

    Really interesting article and fascinating to see a company such as Google taking the best from the old and the new – online, phone & digital.
    We should all know that there is a relevant place for all approaches in a well thought through and quality driven approach to data collection.

  3. Sridhar Padmanabh
    Sridhar Padmanabh at |

    The article has answered many “if”s & “but’s” posed by potential users of Market Research towards Data collection techniques. Efforts such as these, will improve users faith in data collection and in particular about Market Research Survey. I appreciate Simon and Mario for their successful attempt in highlighting the pros and cons of different interview techniques.


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