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  1. Clint Jenkin
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    This is a great perspective–I agree that the people skills are going to define how effective you are in either role. On the client side it’s about building long-term relationships so that people in your company value your insights, and on the agency side it’s about…building long-term relationships so that people in other companies value your insights. In the end, we are all storytellers; we just have different stories to tell and different people to tell them to.

  2. Paul
    Paul at |

    Really interesting read, Edward. I’d always viewed client side as the dark side..with less variety, fewer career options without traversing companies and a constant pressure from marketeers. Just shows the eye of the beholder is key! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dave Fish
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    Great read. I too have bren on both sides. Pros and cons of both. Frankly the pace, fir me, was a but slower with expectation that you would be a research broker and manager more than a hands on doer. Though you had more resources and were connected to the business, the org influence of Indights team was deferential to sales, marketing and engineering. On the supplier the pace was quicket and you get your hands dirty more. The sense of connectivity to the business less but the variety was vadtly greater. Also the freedom from bureaucracy (or most of it) was liberating. For me the choice was clear; i love research so a research company is thevplace for me. I never thoyght ofvit ad the “dark side” or lesser standing in anyway. Afterall clients are coming to US for help. Greatful that they do, but if we were perceived as only order takers are existence would be brief. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Enjoyed it.

  4. Fiona Jack
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    Good perspective & client-side experience is invaluable. I love the agency side though more than anything for its variety. Yes of course we have regular clients but I relish the challenge of getting to grips with a new category or market, which we have to do all the time. It must be easy to get stale working on the same brand all the time.

    1. Cash
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