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  1. Duru Emmanuel
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    This is excellent.Am a technologist in statistics and equally a financial management (PGD) holder and also working in a polytechnic as aforementioned.
    so would like to be contacted in any research you would like to carry out, because am looking out for researchers to work with with respect to conferences and researches in subsequent time.
    Thanks in nation building
    Best regards,

  2. Patricio PAGANI
    Patricio PAGANI at |

    Scarily interesting study, Nichola. The relationship between our real lives and the digital world are now and forever intertwined. As i was reading about \’social muting\’ I couldn\’t stop my mind from taking me back to those dystopian worlds brought to us by \”The Black Mirror\” TV series. In particular the last episode where the characters get \’blocked\’… in real life. A future nightmare? Or a not-so-unlikely reality? Time will tell…


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