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    honesty is the important factor for effective survey, thank you

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    I have a hard time saying that people aren’t honest. I believe people are basically honest. They don’t generally intend to lie or want to lie. Human nature means that we don’t always understand what or why we’re doing something, and thus our answers don’t always match reality perfectly. Our role as researchers is to understand how our brains trick us and then create measurement tools that can accommodate those tricks. It’s not just people answering surveys that deal with this tricks, it’s every last one of us, researchers included.


    Yes,definitely these are some of the guidelines which we need to follow while conducting a research.

    I had observed:

    1.People are more honest when they are spending on an average 20 minutes on a research.If its less people will complete just to fill or if it is more than that either that survey is left or filled with anything which comes in their mind.

    2.Most Reliable method i believe is CATI ( Computer assisted Telephonic Interview ) in research as you when you are connected to a person you are asking on spot and registering responses instantly so reduces the chances of fake responses.

    3.The amount paid for completing should be good or else it will not yield any thing.

    4.Target audience should be selected carefully or else a street vendor will be filling his responses for a feed back on services of 5 star hotels.

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