Pravin Shekar

Three. A number one ought to keep in mind.

What three has to do with networking, you may ask…

Olympic medals, number three. Photographers follow the rule of thirds. Three buckets for the contacts that you meet: Hot, Warm, Cold

Three visits From my personal experience, I can definitely state that it takes at least three visits to a particular event for your name/face to register, for recall! Unless you are Tom Cruise!

It takes at least three visits for you to leave a lasting impression – when you are actively networking. Mere attendance is not enough. You’ve got to make it count!

Three keywords Is the most people would remember, provided the keywords have some punch! For example, if you stay your interest is in coin collecting or watching TV, there’s nothing new. If you have a unique keyword that defines YOU – example, I am an “Expression Catcher”; this is tagged on to you in the listener’s mind map. Up to three keywords will mean the recall would be quicker the next time. As an aside, “I love you” –also three words, but would recommend holding off on that in a networking meeting.  

Three sentences… …to define you/your company

Three. That’s it. Try it out. It is short, hopefully sweet, but definitely easy to remember. This is an extension of the three keyword rule I mentioned earlier but again, up to three. If you can knock ‘em out with one or two, please do so. Brevity is important. But so is differentiation!

Three things to remember you by…Get it ready. Make it Count!

Pravin Shekar is kreator-in-chief at Krea