By Preeti Ginde

Punching keys, moving fists, eyeballs glued to the screen;

A number here, a digit there and voila a pattern is seen.

A pattern which is unlikely and odd,

Could it be an error in the design, in data or made while listening on the I-pod?


One which escaped scrutiny, the trained eye and the keen mind;

Likely not to go unnoticed and to bring on client’s wrath – words that may not be kind.

Cowering down is not a researcher’s style,

The challenge is all the more worthwhile!


Tapping into one’s repertoire of solutions when all’s not looking sunny,

Taking the bull by the horns in a manner that is timely,

It doesn’t matter if the hands on the clock have crossed the official closing hours,

It doesn’t matter if hunger pangs claw away and drain one’s insightful powers.


Food and drink will be delivered as you ask,

Team mates will rally around you while you attack the task,

The boss might make a move towards your neck,

But hey a researcher will use all his resources, and will not leave the ship wrecked.


The hour advances, the punching of keys slows, the eyeballs grow tired;

The researcher’s mind gets wired,

A movement on the screen, a digit screaming to be noticed,

This is the omitted piece, the link to the pattern, somehow missed!


The haze clears; the mind surfaces in victory,

And the researcher leans back to survey the mastery.

A disturbing ring; could it be the client on the other end?

And the researcher gears up again, to step on it and pass through the bend.


Preeti Ginde is a Quantitative market researcher & brand planning consultant, Preeti on LinkedIn