Caio Casseb

I’ve been studing Brazil’s youth for some time and I can assure you that’s a really inspiring task. Young Brazilians are living a very special period, spreading a novel optimistic vibe throughout Brazil making for an interesting research subject.

Brazilian millenials are unique generation in the country’s history. These people were born and raised during a time of economic prosperity, with personal growth rates and development opportunities never before seen in the country.

Just to give an idea, only in 2010 around 31 million pepople has raised in social level, having more access to goods, technologies and other life improvements.

This is also the first generation to see Brazil active in the world stage, an important topic in the foreign press, and host of major events such as the World Cup and Olympics, among other developments.

There is an overall feeling in the country that the millenial generation of this “new Brazil” has chances to transform Brazil’s social landscape forever.

Box1824, a Brazilian research agency specialized in youth behavior, has undertaken a major new project called “The Brazilian Dream” to better understand who this generation is and what they believe.

The research numbers and insights back up what researches feel every day when surveying this group:

/ 89% of young people are proud to be Brazilian.

/ 76% believe Brazil is changing for the better.

/ 87% believe Brazil has an important role in the world stage.

More than just optimistic, this new generation also has another feature that sets them apart from previous cohorts: they’re more generous.

Fifty percent of young Brazilians tend towards more collective behavior, are less individualistic, and care more about the welfare of society as a whole. They believe their own personal development should go hand in hand with the development of the people around them.

That’s why understanding Brazil’s youth is an inspiring challenge, one that leaves every Brazilian researchers (me, for instance) full of hope for the future of our country.

* The Brazilian Dream results is 100% available (in Portuguese) at

Caio Casseb, founder and partner at Scoop & Co