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  1. Don Draper
    Don Draper at |

    First of all, great post. You say all the things that I feel strongly for, and bring out the intricacies involved in conducting a research study.
    I think the questionnaire becomes an extremely vital part of the research process, and I really feel it is the MOST important aspect of a quantitative research. However, I also think that drafting a questionnaire is more an art than a science, and we should have questionnaire specialists who, like great artists, design great questionnaires.

    About administering the survey, I guess the difficulty lies in the fact that the responses are collected by Field Associates who are not trained well enough. And since the amount they get paid is directly proportional to the number of responses they collect, their focus is on completing as many as they can, and the insights or information that is intended to be dug out is not on their mind.

    That is why I have this soft corner for qualitative research over quantitative ones.

    But once again, well written. If only everyone in the industry had the same level of thought and awareness.

  2. Tanvi Gupta
    Tanvi Gupta at |

    Thanks for appreciating the post. :)
    Yes, you are right. Most of the quant field work is outsourced to a field agency and it becomes impossible to have 100% control over their operations.


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