Young New Yorkers are worried about the future with either as president, but they favour Hillary over Trump.

By Eleanor Virgo

Vox Pops International conducted video research in New York City across the weekend as part of its on-going research project with Millennials.

To hear people on the street discuss how the election had made them feel about America, politics and the two candidates running for the leadership of the White House, watch the video.

Interviews with young New Yorkers revealed that on one hand they are really excited to be able to be part of a historical moment but on the other hand they are embarrassed, ashamed and frustrated that it’s ended up the way it has.

The election process has been tiring and there’s a sense of impending relief that it will be over soon, one way or another. One female described it as being like ridiculous playground drama and she just wanted it to end!

With New York being a largely Democratic state it’s perhaps unsurprising that these young people are favouring Hillary and are very much hoping that it swings her way. Whilst some are confident that this could happen, many are feeling unconfident and scared at the possibility it may swing in Trump’s favour.

However, whilst favouring Hillary there is a degree of reluctance amongst many of these young people. Other candidates inspired these millennials much more with their messages. Some described Hillary as ‘the lesser of 2 evils’. Whilst the outlook for either option isn’t seen to be ideal by any means, many are trying to retain a sense of optimism and hoping for the best.

On a positive note, this group feels that these events have really made people question the current political system (I.e. How a reality star can become a presidential candidate) and encouraged people to talk about national issues that have unearthed as a result, which they may have previously ignored. So, it at least allows them to face up to these problems and see what they are tackling.

Social media has featured heavily throughout this election and this group can’t escape the constant news surrounding it. It’s all over this age group’s social media feeds and is dominating conversations at school, college, work and on the street. However, this level of exposure, particularly via social media, has really given this age group a sense of involvement and encouraged everyone (regardless of political knowledge) to share their views. Whilst it’s not necessarily ended up in the way they wanted it to, these young New Yorkers feel that the scale of the event has certainly made their age group more inclined to go out and vote, to make their voices heard.

On the positive side, the prospect of first female president is an exciting one for young females and seems to be the natural next progressive step for the USA to take following its first black president. Whilst they don’t necessarily fully support Hilary’s views, it would be great for feminism.

Concern exists that either way, there could be unrest or a bit of a fall out regardless of who gets in. I.e. While trying to be optimistic there’s very much a sense of insecurity and nervousness about what happens next! Also, some concern over future elections – I.e. if this has happened once will it happen again?

Over the last year we have been conducting research with Millennials to find out what makes them tick, what their spending and buying habits are like. We have over 50 videos available for viewing here on You Tube about this group alone.


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