Viz-Fest: The Preview

By Adam Warner

If you are interested in getting the maximum impact from your work, then you will certainly be interested in Viz-Fest 2018.  This is a free, week-long webinar series that brings together leading experts from insights agencies and clients to explore data visualization, insight communications, and its importance in the changing market research landscape.

Viz-Fest is very flexible, so you can hop into the sessions that interest you most. The sessions, as a whole, are only two hours long so you can get a lot of (free) new insight each day – starting on Monday 5th November at 3:30 pm GMT (which is 7:30 am – 9:30 am PDT, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm EDT, and 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm CET).

The programme this year is crammed with good stuff: day one kicks off with a session on data visualisation and dashboards led by Russ Budden from E-Tabs, with contributions from Jon Puleston and Becki Southern of Lightspeed talking about validating visuals, and Karene Smith of Shine Insights on coloring your insights.

On day two, the theme is all about stakeholder insight communications; Lauren Raby of Coca-Cola with Lucy Davison from Keen as Mustard will be sharing their internal communication experiment which uncovered the most effective way to get impact from your insights. In ‘Turning Research into a Smash Hit TV Show’, Jessica Fennell of Northstar will explain the process of filming a TV show for a client cost-effectively and in ‘The Power of Three’ Join the Dots Senior Creative, Nick Tomlinson, will give practical advice to ensure your report can hold its own in front of any audience.

Day three is all about making insights electrifying – in ‘drop the dead ducks’, Tom Ewing of System1 Research will share practical tips on how to create great newsletters, Amy Perifanos of Gongos will discuss ‘Scaling through design: how creative cohesion fuels ROI’ and Katrina Noelle of KNow Research will talk about how to engage participants and clients.

Finally, day four is focused on storytelling; with Sarah Kelleher of Truth talking about using storytelling to unearth insight, David Paull of Engagious talking about using behavioral science principles in crafting storytelling and Nick Eves, of Southern Water sharing his views on how collaboration is the key to telling a story.k

A recent study by InSites Consulting showed that only 45% of marketers and insight managers believe their research changes marketers’ attitudes and decisions. With a budget of 43 billion dollars spent on market research every year we really need to increase the ROI of insights – and Viz-Fest is a great way to begin to do that.

By Adam Warner, Keen as Mustard